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Our company is made up of a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team who work towards our common goal of furthering drug development by providing technological solutions.
Our Culture

We innovate together to create products that benefit our customers and society. Providing technologies that aim to replace animals in drug development. We perform science and engineering with integrity and transparency. By being open to the successes and challenges the work brings we build trust in what we’re achieving.

Our Vision

To become the primary supplier of systems that ethically and accurately mimic the human body and to reduce the burden of animal testing.

Our Mission

To bring state of the art, scalable micro-physiological systems to drug developers worldwide.

Current Vacancies

“ The unimaginableness of most objects, by reason of their smallness.”

R. Hooke, London,
R&D Engineer

Closing date: 3rd November 2023
Salary: Competitive